White Fillings

White Filling

White Fillings

White FillingWhite fillings offer a natural-looking alternative to traditional silver fillings, as they are made from a tooth-coloured, composite resin. This means they offer an effective, unnoticeable repair for a decayed or damaged tooth, helping to support its remaining structure and preventing further breakage and sensitivity. They can also be used to replace old silver fillings that may be spoiling your smile.

White fillings are so natural-looking, they can give you the confidence to laugh and smile again.

Before & After

Fillings Case Before 1.1Fillings Case After 1.1Fillings Case Before 1.2Fillings Case After 1.2

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‘Derek and the team have done a fantastic job in restoring my teeth back to healthy looking ones, so much so it has regained my confidence in chatting and smiling. Thank you all.’

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