Fee Guide

Our fee structure has been carefully considered and reflects our high level of care. Fees will always be discussed and explained clearly. We will provide you with a written estimate for all treatment options.

Fee Guide

We aim to provide excellent value for money and our fees reflect our commitment to offering you the highest quality dental treatments at affordable prices.

We believe prevention is better than cure, so we show how to avoid developing tooth decay and gum disease by teaching you how to care for your teeth properly. In addition, we always check for oral cancer and offer long-term dentistry solutions, not just short-term fixes that could create problems and cost more in the long run.

Please note: All treatment appointments must be secured with a deposit.

Our Membership Plans can help you spread the cost of your dental care by letting you pay in manageable monthly payments. For more information click here

Treatments Membership Private
New Patient Examination (including two x-rays and photos) £120 £120
Recall Examination Included £65
Children’s and Young Adults’ Examination (aged 8 and above) Included £25
Emergency Appointment (New Clients) £120 £120
X-rays £8 £10
Hygienist Visit Included From £75
White Fillings From £160 From £200
Root Canal Treatment From £316 From £395
Crown From £800 From £1000
Bridge From £1192 From £1490
Re-cement – Crown £61.75 £65
Veneer (per tooth) From £800 From £1000
Extractions – Routine From £144 From £180
Dentures – Acrylic From £640 From £800
Dentures – Chrome From £1440 From £1800
Invisalign From £3500 From £3500
Full Invisalign includes tray tooth whitening and retention. – Terms and conditions apply.
Implants Case dependent Case dependent
Supplementary Insurance Included Not Included
Emergency Appointment (Existing Clients) £80 £100

This is not a complete list of every service we offer.

These prices are a guide only – prices for more than one tooth are often reduced.

Plans including a full price breakdown are given for every treatment.

Please look at our Special Offers & Membership plans.

Please contact us for further information.


You may make payments by credit & debit card, or cash.

It is our policy to give you a treatment plan, including a cost estimate, at the beginning of any course of treatment.

We do request payment as treatment progresses unless you have chosen one of our monthly payment plans. If treatment involves laboratory work (e.g. crowns or dentures) we may request you pay in full prior to completion of the course of treatment.

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