Smile Gallery

Case 1

Years of wear and smoking restored with crowns and veneers.

1 Before1 After

Case 2

Broken front tooth due to trauma, restored using HFO ( a composite white filling material)

2 Before2 After

Case 3

Congenitally missing teeth replaced with implants, crowns and veneers

3 Before3 After

Case 4

Dental Implants

Implant Case 4 BeforeImplant Case 4 After

Case 5

White Fillings

Fillings Case Before 1.1Fillings Case After 1.1Fillings Case Before 1.2Fillings Case After 1.2

Case 6


Invisalign Case 5 BeforeInvisalign Case 5 After

Case 7


Invisalign Case 6 BeforeInvisalign Case 6 After

Case 8


Invisalign Case 7 BeforeInvisalign Case 7 After

Case 9


Invisalign Case 8 BeforeInvisalign Case 8 After

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