Dental Sedation

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Dental Sedation

ThinkstockPhotos 472886264A significant number of people avoid visiting the dentist because of their anxiety about needing treatment.

At Christchurch, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to great dentistry and, as such, we have invested in training and equipment to ensure that even our most nervous clients can still receive excellent treatment whilst being completely at ease.

Dental sedation at Christchurch can help put your fears to rest and you can be assured that you will feel completely calm and comfortable.

Thanks to dental sedation, our clients can associate their visits to the practice with a feeling of calm rather than dread, and leave Christchurch feeling positive and with a sense of achievement.

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‘Thank you Dr Van Staden and the team for looking after me so well today. I can highly recommend sedation for any nervous patients. It was like very fine wine’