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The solution to the staining associated with the simple pleasures in life

So here I am, sitting at my desk with a lovely cup of coffee (no sugar may I add) and thinking to myself that I need to cut down on this stuff, but that would be torture. The tea and coffee supply throughout my day is what gets me through life! I think that we would all agree that it’s what gets most of us through the pressures of modern day life.

I’m a mother of twins, prior to having them I consumed some tea and coffee but since having them that amount has vastly increased. Caffeine was what got me through their early years and it is safe to say that it gets me through being a (pretty much) full time working mum of two 5-year olds. Just to add to that stress, we are building a house, but all that can wait for another blog!

In addition to all that tea and coffee I then have those days when I can’t be bothered to cook in the evening because I’ve had to stay on at work, or because the kids have created world war 3 and I’ve been trying (and failing) to act as peacemaker, so we order in a curry. And, let’s face it, the weekends were made for steak and red wine!

Taking all the above into consideration, one would say the colour of my teeth is doomed and I guess, so is my physique and health! Before I started in the dental profession I never really took notice of teeth, or perhaps I did but didn’t realise, but within a week of starting my dental career at the age of 17, teeth were the very first thing I noticed when looking at a someone, so I want mine to look great.

So, what can be done, if like me, you are partial to any of the stain builders? There are various methods available to help you improve the colour of teeth. An Oral Health Assessment would be needed with a dentist before any tooth whitening so that cause of the discolouration is correctly diagnosed prior to any treatment taking place, this ensures that the method being used is the most effective and tailored to your needs.

Unfortunately, the dental profession can’t help with the physique and health side of it, I rely on my trainers for running and netball that!

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