Invisalign Diary

One of our patients, Mike, has very kindly offered to write a blog on his Invisalign story so that any patients considering Invisalign can get an insight into what it is really like. We hope you enjoy reading it, we certainly did

Mike’s Story

My name is Mike. I am a 36-year-old married dad of three from Ipswich. After speaking with Derek at my last check-up he suggested writing a blog for the Christchurch Dental website so that I can let you know how my Invisalign treatment is going and pass on any hints and tips. Why have I…

Posted 16/06/2017

Thursday 31st March… Fitting Day

Today is my fitting day. I went in to see Derek and the team, paid my balance (various options available, I went for the payment up front, to gain 5% discount) and had a final chat with Derek discussing the pros and cons of treatment, what our end goal was, and what to expect. Derek…

Posted 16/06/2017

Friday the 1st April (no jokes please!)

OMG! I have woken up to see Barry Gibb looking back at me in the mirror!! Not quite. I have now had the braces in for one whole day. How do I feel? Well, honestly the drooling is no better, my wife keeps asking me to say “Invisalign braces” as she thinks it sounds funny…

Posted 16/06/2017

Sunday 3rd April

One of the biggest things i have noticed is my diet. I never realised how many teas, coffees, soft drinks and snacks i eat and drink all day! These have all stopped because i have a system in place, where i remove the braces to eat every six hours. Breakfast at 6 am, braces back…

Posted 16/06/2017

Monday 23rd May

Apologies for the short absence… I went into the surgery last week, to see Derek and to see how my Invisalign treatment was going. I sat in the immaculately clean waiting room and picked up “Esquire” magazine. I then instantly realised I was probably a third as cool as I thought I was and I…

Posted 16/06/2017

Thursday 28th July

Snug. Tight-fitting. Doing their job. No, not Kylie Minogue’s hot pants, but my new Invisalign retainers! My apologies for the delay since my last blog, i have been sunning myself in the Algarve, pretending to be Cliff Richard with my newish teeth, speedos and linen shirt. The weather was a little offish, but not enough…

Posted 16/06/2017

Monday 22nd August

I have turned a significant corner in my Invisalign treatment. The lower retainers have now finished, and i now have 8 weeks left of the upper retainers to go. The last of the lower retainers remains in situ, and i now regularly change the uppers every 2 weeks as before. Derek gave me the option…

Posted 16/06/2017

Monday 3rd October

I have finally reached the end of my initial course of treatment. I visited the surgery today to discuss how things were going with Derek. After 12 sets of aligners and nearly 6 months of brushing and cleaning relentlessly, cold turkey, suffering from lack of snacking, Smints and Evian water by the truckload, and 1…

Posted 16/06/2017

Monday 20th February

Hello, and welcome back to my Invisalign blog. The story so far… 10 months ago I visited Dr Derek van Staden at Christchurch Dental to discuss the Invisalign method of invisible braces. My goal, to get a nice smile and straight teeth.afterapproximately 7 months of wearing the Invisalign aligners, it was decided that the end…

Posted 16/06/2017


I am nearing the end of my Invisalign treatment now. Derek and I have decided that we are going to progress with another 3 months of trays to really achieve the result we are looking for. More impressions are taken, to be sent off to Invisalign HQ. Invisalign offer 3 further complementary adjustments, called refinement….

Posted 16/06/2017


The new trays have arrived and I waste no time getting them in to finish off the treatment. Now 18 months in, I must confess that I do dream of the days when I wasn’t cleaning my aligners and going to bed with a basic tooth clean. However, I am excited about the end result…

Posted 16/06/2017


Finally on the home straight now. A ‘suck down’ has been ordered for my new teeth so I can wear this at night to make sure my stubborn teeth don’t decide to revert to their old ways. Derek has explained to me that the bottom teeth tend to control the uppers so I have also…

Posted 16/06/2017


To finalise, my Invisalign experience has been an amazing one. Admittedly it has been an experience which you have to concentrate and get in a routine, and then soldier on. I found the aligners slightly annoying whilst out for meals etc as people do tend to ask what you are doing when you are wrestling…

Posted 16/06/2017

9th march 2020: Invisalign Open Day

There is something big on the horizon… Christchurch Dental is inviting you to come and learn more about the Invisalign services we offer. On 9th March, and for one day only we are offering a £500 discount off Invisalign. Spread the word and book now to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. Our Open Day…

Posted 13/01/2020