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Welcoming Dr Ash

We are delighted to announce that we have another dentist joining the team here at Christchurch from September 2017 and that you may on occasions be booked in to see Dr Ash.

Ash graduated with honours from Kings College London Dental Institute. He has spent his time in general practice and working in a hospital where he has gained excellent surgical skills. He has also passed his exams to become a member of the faculty of dental surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.

During his time at the university he has won several awards including coveted ‘Dental Student of the Year’.

Ash is particularly interested in sedation and providing excellent routine dental care for adults and children.

Ash will be following an extensive induction and training programme here at Christchurch to ensure that our clients will always receive the same high level of care and client experience irrespective of the clinician they see.

We look forward to welcoming this exceptional dentist to the Christchurch Team.

You can improve your health by straightening your teeth

You may think that straightening your teeth is purely for people who are concerned about their appearance, but there is growing evidence that you can actually improve your health by straightening your teeth as well.
Apart from the obvious benefits of a beautiful smile, here are some other reasons why straight teeth are beneficial:-

  1. Straighter teeth tend to lead to better oral hygiene. When teeth are straight, it is usually easier to brush and floss effectively, making your oral health routine more effective at removing plaque and trapped food.
  2. If teeth are aligned incorrectly or are crooked, it usually means that the top and bottom jaw do not meet correctly when the person is biting or chewing. Over long periods of time this excessive force can lead to pain in the jaw as well as the face and ears. This can also be a cause of a migraine.
  3. Overcrowded and crooked teeth allow for the growth of harmful bacteria. These bacteria have been proven to not only lead to gum disease but also to heart disease and stroke.

If you would like to chat to us about your orthodontic options, including Invisalign invisible braces, please contact the Christchurch Team on 01473 250977.

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