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9th march 2020: Invisalign Open Day

There is something big on the horizon…

Christchurch Dental is inviting you to come and learn more about the Invisalign services we offer.

On 9th March, and for one day only we are offering a £500 discount off Invisalign.

Spread the word and book now to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

Our Open Day will be an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your treatment options for teeth straightening and to ask our team any questions about the Invisalign process and the results. Should you choose to start your treatment with us at our Open Day you will enjoy a £500 discount as well as FREE tooth whitening worth £399. We are pleased to share this fantastic offer with you for one day, thereafter the total treatment cost will return to its usual amount of £3999.

Sound good to you? Let’s get you signed up!

Book your Invisalign Open Day appointment Today!

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To finalise, my Invisalign experience has been an amazing one. Admittedly it has been an experience which you have to concentrate and get in a routine, and then soldier on. I found the aligners slightly annoying whilst out for meals etc as people do tend to ask what you are doing when you are wrestling them out of your mouth (new aligners grip incredibly hard and are sometimes difficult to remove!). On occasions, I did leave them at home to avoid this on special nights out. The aligners hate hot liquids as I found out on set number 1. Basically, they melt to nothing. Cold drinks can be drunk with them in apart from orange juice with bits in as you look like you have scurvy. Throughout the treatment I only lost 1 set of aligners just before a new set, so did not need replacement, but be careful Invisaligners, a new set will cost about £100 to be replaced so look after them.

If you are tempted to go for this treatment, then I can only praise it for being a very clever and advanced system, which has been created by precision engineering and accurate consultation between Derek and Invisalign. Compared to other bracing systems it is incredibly low key and hardly anyone knew I was wearing them until I told them.

One thing is for sure, If you are searching around for the lowest Invisalign costs, think first. When I initially investigated Invisalign, I was tempted to travel to London etc, to save money and get the same treatment. There is no way that this would have worked for me. The whole key to Invisalign is progress investigation and your feedback to Derek to decide what is working, moving and how comfortable you are feeling and how happy you are with the progress.

Without Derek’s expertise and regular visits to the surgery, this treatment would not have worked for me. Derek and his team are without doubt the finest Dental Surgery I have ever been involved with and his patience and calm disposition were exactly what I wanted in this. His expertise in advanced dental technology and use of the pc in front of you, makes everything simple and easy to see and predict. I would recommend this treatment without hesitation, but I would not want to do it with anyone but the wonderful staff of Christchurch Dental. They made everything easy, were incredibly understanding and incredibly professional. I now have wonderful straight teeth.

Many thanks, Derek and all the staff.

Regards Mike


Finally on the home straight now. A ‘suck down’ has been ordered for my new teeth so I can wear this at night to make sure my stubborn teeth don’t decide to revert to their old ways. Derek has explained to me that the bottom teeth tend to control the uppers so I have also had some kind of permanent retainer fitted to the inside of my bottom teeth. Whatever happens, these teeth can not move back to their original crowded position. I feel good about this addition which incidentally took about 30 minutes to fit and stays in permanently.

The suck down has arrived and is basically a ‘hardcore’ version of the aligners, which I wear at night. Uppers done, lowers fixed in place. I HAVE FINISHED MY TREATMENT.

Regards Mike


The new trays have arrived and I waste no time getting them in to finish off the treatment. Now 18 months in, I must confess that I do dream of the days when I wasn’t cleaning my aligners and going to bed with a basic tooth clean. However, I am excited about the end result and can see a significant change to my teeth compared to old photos. I am off to see Derek tomorrow to check progress against the simulated video. Something Derek and I do regularly to check where we are in the process. The detail and technology that is involved is amazing.

Regards Mike


I am nearing the end of my Invisalign treatment now. Derek and I have decided that we are going to progress with another 3 months of trays to really achieve the result we are looking for. More impressions are taken, to be sent off to Invisalign HQ. Invisalign offer 3 further complementary adjustments, called refinement. There is no charge. Quite amazing service I think. In a few weeks my new aligners will arrive, and I will continue with the process for a few more months.

Regards Mike

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