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Losing Teeth in a Dream?

I have always found the significance or not of dreams to be interesting.  Even if you have never had a filling, the chances are that you have still had that ‘Oh my goodness my teeth are falling out’ dream.

I can certainly point to occasions in my life where I have had dreams of being able to fly which had coincided with times of success.  Whilst it would be great if all our dreams were awesome flying ones, most theorists agree that dreams allow us to cope with emotions and solve problems.

So do dreams give you just a reflection of your feelings or is there more to it? A window into a psychic world that can predict the future.  Until the end of the 20th Century, certain communities namely traditional Chinese and Native American believed that losing teeth in a dream was a sign of the future death of a family member.

Dreams of losing teeth are however more commonly interpreted as a sign of anxiety, a lack of control over one’s life or if you follow the psychologist Yung and are looking for a more positive interpretation, it is a sign of a new start and for women, this was often seen as signifying a new birth.

The general view of a losing teeth dream is that it is a call to examine the reason behind a decision you have made or have to make, sometimes just being aware of your feelings can be helpful in enabling you to move on.

If however, you wake up in the morning to discover you have actually knocked a tooth out, may I respectfully suggest you book in an urgent appointment with either Derek or Ash.

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