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Hiking – My passion

I can’t believe it’s August already, what a wonderful summer we have had so far!

The holiday season is well on its way and the children will be soon back to school. I’m sure, some tired, distraught mothers are thinking “Thank goodness”!

For my holidays this year, I went walking in Dolomites. You get to a point where you run out of adjectives to describe these mountains. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

The Dolomites stretch across a significant amount of land as part of the Alps in northeast Italy and they are home to many enthusiasts such as hikers, skiers, free climbers, kayakers hang gliders and base jumpers.

The scenery and food throughout my stay in Italy were wonderful.

Walking and hiking is my passion. I have enjoyed a lot of walking/cycling holidays over the years in much of Europe and even China.

This year I stayed in a small family owned chalet, every morning at breakfast I was greeted by the very friendly owner always clad in the traditional dress “lederhosen”.

Though “The Dolomites” are Italian they have a really Austrian feel.

“Selva” the valley we stayed in was surrounded by very high mountains so had 360 views from our balcony. Our walks each day started at an altitude of 5127ft and we usually climbed to 8848 ft each day. A daily assent of 3721 ft for 11 days. As you can imagine it got my blood pumping and I felt really fit by the end of the holiday.

I’m back on the reception desk now, all the good work and fitness gone. The only thing I’m climbing now is the surgery stairs……. until my next hiking holiday!

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