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Too Busy being Busy

Its crazy how busy life is and how quickly time seems to fly by when you are busy.

I would say that I’m going through the busiest and most stressful time in my life.

My husband and I embarked on a full house build around 3 years ago. I think most people have the ‘I want to build my own house’ dream and we have been lucky enough to have made that dream a reality. However, it certainly hasn’t been plain sailing and this ‘end part’ has been the busiest yet.

I haven’t yet mentioned that we have been doing all of this whilst both working full time in managerial roles and as parents to very lively five year old twin girls.

The twins are now on their summer holidays and we are both still working and due to move into the ‘dream house’ in 2 weeks and I’m just too busy being busy.

So what’s happening to all the other stuff whilst this is all occurring? My hours of sleep have dramatically reduced, my husband well knows that me and sleep deprivation don’t mix, referring to me as Medusa when I am tired. We are currently living back in the countryside with my mother-in-law in these final weeks which is the perfect excuse to go for a run, but I just can’t fit it in and I had a text reminder through that I’m due a dental examination, but I just can’t fit it all in.

So what is taking a backseat? My general health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, we will be in the dream house in around 2 weeks and in 3 weeks I am on annual leave, so I can finally get back on track.

We all have busy periods in life, some last longer than others, it’s abnormal not be busy these days.

If you look up the meaning of the word ‘busy’ synonyms include occupied, crowded, hectic and tiring – all pretty negative words, if you are asked to describe a piece of artwork and were to say it looks a little busy, it means you think there is far too much going on. Would you say that these words are an accurate description of how your feeling right now? Are you constantly hectic?

What are you sacrificing? Is a dental appointment one of those things?

For many, going to the dentist is at the bottom of their to do list – be it fear of finding out about their failing dental health, not feeling they need to or that ‘it can wait’.

We send text/email/letter reminders to our patients when they are due for their dental examinations or hygienist visits or when they haven’t returned for some outstanding treatment.

If you want to maintain a pain free and problem free mouth, then it is important to regularly see the dentist so that he/she can catch a problem before it develops. Tartar can cause gum disease if it is left too long so it is important to regularly see the hygienist. If you are delaying a treatment appointment because you can’t fit it into your hectic schedule then don’t delay as it may become painful – we can all find time when something becomes painful but by that time, its become a bigger problem.

We all need to stop being too busy and take some time out for our own general health and wellbeing. I’m not going to wait until I’m ‘less busy’ before I book my dental appointment, I’m going to book myself in for the next available slot.

Will I ever be happy? Will anyone ever be happy?

I was on the Chris Barrow Extreme business course yesterday in London.

I faced a gruelling commute home in the evening, standing on the train by the doors like a dog at a car window trying to get some air because the cabin was just too hot and stinky left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

We had a very cold spell in March/April and I was left wondering if it would ever end, and once again complaining that I wanted some warmer weather. Now that summer is most defiantly here – I’m complaining again that it’s just too hot. Will I ever be happy? Will anyone ever be happy?

Each and everyone one of us goes through life complaining about something, there is always something that isn’t quite right.

I’m sure there is an instance where you have set yourself a goal, achieved it and went looking for the next best thing. You get your dream job and soon enough you begin wondering when the next promotion will be. You buy your dream home and a few years later lose the contentment there and start thinking about your next dream home. You lose 2 stone but decide, that’s just not enough, you want to lose 2 more or you looked much better a stone heavier.

We are half way through Love Island and all the lads that watch it (admit your guilty pleasure boys) are all upping their game at the gym and hitting the sunbeds and the girls are all on a diet of salad and carrot sticks in an attempt to get one of those amazing love Island bodies that we all perceive (wrongly or rightly) as ideal. I even want Megan’s eyebrows, let alone her hair and body – see never satisfied!

Many people will be queuing up at our doors to get teeth like Jack and Megan. There will be people queuing at the door of a Facial Aesthetic to get fuller lips and a Plastic Surgeons for bigger boobs!

We all climb to the top of a mountain, only to realise that we wanted to climb the bigger one next door, so we start again and when we reach the top, we feel a sense of accomplishment – and so we should.

If you are climbing the ‘tooth mountain’ we can help you there, you will be surprised how many different options there are to reach the peak and its advisable to have a professional with a great team behind him to help you reach it – that’s us!

There will always be something more for us to reach for but the question remains, will any of us ever be fully content and grateful of where we are? How do we balance being content but also striving for something greater?

Its admirable to have new goals and to look for the next best thing but we need to appreciate the view during the climb, take time to pause and have a good look around and to realise how far you have come, enjoy the hot weather during the climb, because the last part of the climb will be cold and wet but the view might be better. There is always something to see from each point in that climb and you might just stop and think – I’m happy where I am – now that’s contentment at its best!

The solution to the staining associated with the simple pleasures in life

So here I am, sitting at my desk with a lovely cup of coffee (no sugar may I add) and thinking to myself that I need to cut down on this stuff, but that would be torture. The tea and coffee supply throughout my day is what gets me through life! I think that we would all agree that it’s what gets most of us through the pressures of modern day life.

I’m a mother of twins, prior to having them I consumed some tea and coffee but since having them that amount has vastly increased. Caffeine was what got me through their early years and it is safe to say that it gets me through being a (pretty much) full time working mum of two 5-year olds. Just to add to that stress, we are building a house, but all that can wait for another blog!

In addition to all that tea and coffee I then have those days when I can’t be bothered to cook in the evening because I’ve had to stay on at work, or because the kids have created world war 3 and I’ve been trying (and failing) to act as peacemaker, so we order in a curry. And, let’s face it, the weekends were made for steak and red wine!

Taking all the above into consideration, one would say the colour of my teeth is doomed and I guess, so is my physique and health! Before I started in the dental profession I never really took notice of teeth, or perhaps I did but didn’t realise, but within a week of starting my dental career at the age of 17, teeth were the very first thing I noticed when looking at a someone, so I want mine to look great.

So, what can be done, if like me, you are partial to any of the stain builders? There are various methods available to help you improve the colour of teeth. An Oral Health Assessment would be needed with a dentist before any tooth whitening so that cause of the discolouration is correctly diagnosed prior to any treatment taking place, this ensures that the method being used is the most effective and tailored to your needs.

Unfortunately, the dental profession can’t help with the physique and health side of it, I rely on my trainers for running and netball that!

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