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Team Profile Introducing Suzanne

Hi my name is Suzanne and I, along with Carol are the longest serving members of staff here at Christchurch Dental. I am married to John and we have 2 daughters in their twenties. I work part time on reception with Clare, and you can usually see me on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. I am a keen gardener and I love to read, my favourite author at the moment is Lesley Pearce. John and I love to travel and we particularly enjoy Spain and the Greek Islands.


Team Profile Introducing Rebecca

 Hi, my name is Bec and I am a dental nurse and treatment co-ordinator here at Christchurch Dental.

I have two little girls who keep me on my toes when I am not at the practice, along with my whippet Wilf.

As a family we really enjoy camping often taking our canoes along also.

I particularly enjoy my role as treatment co-ordinator at the practice as it gives me a chance to really get to know our clients.


Christchurch Dental brings Mouth Cancer Action Month to Ipswich

Christchurch Dental is helping to raise awareness of mouth cancer in Ipswich by organising free screening sessions.

In the UK mouth cancer is diagnosed in more than 6,500 people annually and kills around 2,000 people each year – one death every five hours.

Christchurch Dental in Fonnereau Road is opening its doors for free oral screening examinations during the month of November. All are invited to come along and receive a professional Mouth Cancer check-up which can help save lives.

Dr van Staden commented: “We are delighted to get involved in Mouth Cancer Action Month in Ipswich. It is vital that people are aware of the risks and are checked regularly for signs of mouth cancer – early detection saves lives.”

Running for the duration of November, Mouth Cancer Action Month features the tagline ‘If in doubt, get checked out’ and urges members of the public to visit their dentist for an oral screening.

Professional check-ups and regular self-examinations are the best route to early detection of mouth cancer. Early diagnosis saves lives, improving survival chances from just half of cases to more than 90 per cent.
Early warning signs include ulcers which do not heal within three weeks, red and white patches in the mouth and unusual changes in the mouth.

Mouth Cancer Action Month also aims to raise awareness of a disease which has remained under reported for too long. Prevention is key and lifestyle choices can help minimise risks.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of campaign organisers the British Dental Health Foundation, said: “We are delighted that that Christchurch Dental has joined the many dental practices, schools, health professionals and community groups promoting Mouth Cancer Action Month. Free screening events and open days.

“Three-quarters of cases are linked to tobacco and alcohol so it is important that smokers are encouraged to quit and alcohol is consumed in moderation. The human papillomavirus (HPV), transmitted via oral sex, and poor diets are also linked to mouth cancer. Worryingly the disease is also now affecting a younger group of people and many more who display none of the traditional risk factors. Early diagnosis can really make the difference so make sure you visit a dentist regularly and check your mouth as often as possible – it could just save your life.”

For more information about the campaign please visit the website: www.mouthcancer.org.

For further information on this event call the Christchurch Dental team on 01473250977 or email onfrontdesk@christchurchdental.co.uk.  You can find more information on mouth cancer at the websitewww.mouthcancer.org


Team Profile Introducing Carol

Hi, my name is Carol and I am one of the longest serving members of staff here at Christchurch Dental. I have been a dental nurse here for well over 20 years. Along with my husband Steve we have two children. In my spare time I enjoy aerobics, going out for meals and watching soaps.

I love going away on holiday and weekend breaks and my favourite destination so far has been to Mexico.


Team Profile Introducing Clare

Hi, my name is Clare and I am a receptionist here at Christchurch Dental.

I have been part of the Christchurch Dental Team since 2012 having previously been a patient at the practice.

I have been married to Paul for the last 12 years and together we enjoy a very outdoors lifestyle. We both enjoy walking, cycling and travelling and are members of the Ipswich Outdoor Group.

My favourite holiday is fell walking in Arran, Scotland.

In my spare time I volunteer for the RSPCA and have a pet hamster called Rolo!

I really enjoy meeting all the clients at the practice.


You can improve your health by straightening your teeth

You may think that straightening your teeth is purely for people who are concerned about their appearance, but there is growing evidence that you can actually improve your health by straightening your teeth as well.
Apart from the obvious benefits of a beautiful smile, here are some other reasons why straight teeth are beneficial :-

1.       Straighter teeth tend to lead to better oral hygiene.  When teeth are straight, it is usually easier to brush and floss effectively, making your oral health routine more effective at removing plaque and trapped food.

2.       If teeth are aligned incorrectly or are crooked, it usually means that the top and bottom jaw do not meet correctly when the person is biting or chewing.  Over long periods of time this excessive force can lead to pain in the jaw as well as the face and ears.  This can also be a cause of migraine.

3.       Overcrowded and crooked teeth allow for the growth of harmful bacteria.  These bacteria have been proven to not only lead to gum disease but also to heart disease and stroke.

If you would like to chat to us about your orthodontic options, including Invisalign invisible braces, please contact the Christchurch Team on 01473 250977.